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Are There Legal Issues with Cosplay?

A new article from Anime News Network is shedding some light on the legality of cosplay in Japan. Recently some fans asked Yūji Ōkuma, a lawyer with Toranomon Law and Patent Office, about the legality of making costumes based on their favourite characters. And while his answer may be expected to some, it will probably still create a bit of panic. Okuma explained that while making cosplay for yourself, for personal and private use, fell into the category of grey legality that a lot of fanworks fall into. But if you’re creating a costume for a friend, or to sell, and yes that includes props, you are infringing on Japanese copyrights.

Copyright Holders Vs. Artist Alleys

We've been seeing more and more stories about what is sold in Artist Alleys. Many companies (like Disney, Marvel, FUNimation, etc) are becoming increasingly uncomfortable with fanworks making money. But this isn't big media cracking down on the little guy. Characters, just like the actual content of books, logos, phrases and more are copyrighted. That means that companies and creators own the rights to produce works based on those characters, use their names, image, etc. While I can understand fans speaking out about these policies, it's well within the rights of these companies and individual creators to claim the rights to their work and prevent others from making money based on those characters.

Expanding Fandoms Mean Expanding Convention Centers

San Diego is back in the convention spotlight with Mayor Kevin Faulconer deciding against a split expansion model for the San Diego Convention Center. The San Diego Convention Center is best known as the home of San Diego Comic Con, has reached critical mass with the convention during the last few years. And with more and more people interested in attending comic conventions, organizers have surely been pushing for expansion. Additionally, the San Diego Chargers, have been suggesting a joint convention center-stadium expansion in order to relocate the team downtown.